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The what and who

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Our Mission

Anyone should be able to experience living in a completely different part of the world. That’s what Nomad Rental do for you. Living in a different culture for three months opens eyes, minds, and hearts.

Nomad Rental offers the full package and you just have to decide what city, or if in doubt, even let Nomad Rental handle that for you! We’ll be there for you day and night.

Who we are

Nomad Rental was started by two entrepreneurs who both have moved more than 10,000 miles away from their birth country and live in completely different parts of the world.

But we’ve missed some service that could ease remote work and living lifestyles, and Nomad Rental is an answer to one of the essential questions: Where and how should I live in X city.


CEO / Founder
Dan Schultzer

Earthling that enjoys to build 10x products.

CCO / Co-founder
Kasper Christensen

Kasper Christensen is a leading UX design and technology thinker with years of experience in the start-up scene. Kasper has helped turn around multiple companies from fading success to profitable and strong growth though concept development, management and rapid strategy planning. With key roles in branding, design and front-end development.

SVP of Engineering
Benjamin Schultzer

Contributing to the opensource community

SVP of Growth
Anthony Foster
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