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Avg. Wifi speed
$3,408 per month
Avg. rent cost

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Getting around

Getting around Barcelona is an amazing expereince, as the city is farily compact, you can get to most places by simply walking, however jumping on the Metro is just as easy, a one-way ticket will set you back €2.15 Euro and will stop at most sights in the city.

Subway (Metro)
Taxi from airport to city
From $29.43-$35.32
Not Available
Tipping & Dining

Food is everywhere in Barcelona, from amazing street food serving tapas, chinese wok, venezuelans areperia, autenitc greek food to dining in style on a budget, you have it all. Tipping is not required however it's expected if you have received great service or been served a good meal, tip around 7% to 10%.

Budget Dining
Avg. $9.42-$17.66
Beer (bottle)
Avg. $0.94-$2.94
Coffee Shops

Some would think Barcelona is like most other european cities when it comes to the coffee culture, but it's a farily new phenomen and shops around the city have just recently started to pub up, however that means, the places you'll find in Barcelona offers amazing roasts and baristas who are passionate about their field.

Café Latte
Avg. $1.47-$2.94
Avg. $11.77 /day
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