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Tipping & Dining

Colombia has a rich food scene with many street stands, and top restaurants, and the Colombian cuisine includes Arepas, Empanadas, Tamales, and Ajiaco. Tip is not expected, but still welcomed. Sometimes tip (propina) might be included in the bill.

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Budget Dining
Avg. $2.38-$5.09
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Beer (pint)
Avg. $0.68-$1.19
Getting around

Along with taxi services, there are many public transportation options available (like TransMilenio), and Bogotá has the largest network of bicycle in Latin America. Always call for a taxi, as flagging down a taxi in the street can be risky. Uber is a safe alternative.

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Ico bus
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Coffee Shops

Bogotá is wrapped by the Andean peaks, so of course you'll find the finest and most tasty coffee in the world here. The city offers many places to relax, work, and have fun, from the parks, to the numerous cafés as well as co-working spaces that gives you the space to be productive.

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