Nomad Rental has been discontinued, but for the time being we'll keep this archived version up. You can no longer book through our platform, thanks for the support through the years!

Who we are

Remote working is the future, and we believe that living in a different part of the world for a few months is something everyone should have the ability to do.

Our goal is to let you experience an authentic remote living lifestyle with no hassle or worry.


Everything is streamlined, no endless search.


Best deal checked by Nomad Rental, you get the lowest price.


Always there for you, day and night.


  • Early prototyping and testing
  • Benjamin Schultzer joins the team
  • First line of code written for the platform
  • Nomad Rental is production ready and goes live
  • Nomad Rental has 10 cities and 151 venues
  • Our first dedicated account manager in Thailand, Kanogpon Pea-on joins the team
  • First secured reservation with credit card charged
  • Nomad Rental has 100 serviced apartment hotels

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Missing something?

Please shoot us a message if there’s anything we could do to improve your experience using Nomad Rental.

How did this start?

Nomad Rental was started by two entrepreneurs who both have moved more than 10,000 miles away from their birth country and live in entirely different parts of the world.

But we’ve missed some service that could ease remote work lifestyle. Nomad Rental is an answer to one of the essential questions: Where and how can I live in X city? We started talking about this in 2012 and got the opportunity to build the platform in 2017.

The team

An entirely remote team means there's always someone available in your current time zone. This is how we work at Nomad Rental.

Transparency goes a long way, and we're always open for a talk. Feel free to shoot us any questions.

Dan Schultzer


Dan Schultzer is a Danish entrepreneur with two decades of tech experience who looks for new ways to improve life for people. Dan has built multiple startups and currently resides in North America.

Kasper Christensen


Kasper Christensen has years of experience in the startup scene and has helped turn around multiple struggling businesses to profitable companies. Kasper currently resides in Southeast Asia.

Benjamin Schultzer

Operations Manager

Benjamin Schultzer is a well-traveled nomad who've lived in five countries on three continents. Benjamin believes that Nomad Rental can make a real difference for nomads and remote workers. Benjamin currently resides in Europe.

Kanogpon Pea-on

Account Manager, Thailand

Kanogpon Pea-on has traveled the world, lived in numerous serviced apartments, and helps ensure everybody has a high-quality experience using Nomad Rental. Kanogpon resides in Thailand.

Logos & resources

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