Being a Digital Nomad and

Staying Fit

Staying fit in unknown territory

Embarking on the nomad lifestyle, staying healthy is essential to get the most out of your travels. There will be so many new experiences that you might forget the most essential rule: Pay your toll now, so you don’t have to pay it later. Staying fit will make you adjust to new surroundings rapidly, and maximize the hours of your day.

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Type of exercise

You should aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. It can be incorporated into your day, e.g. cycling to your new co-working space, or doing an intense workout in the morning. High-Intensity Interval Training helps to maximize your workout if your time is limited, while hiking, running, and biking, can show unique places of your newly adopted city. You might even have an actual exercise goal, where gyms will help you focus on the particular muscle groups. With Nomad Rental, we strive to make sure that you’ll always be close to a good workout location.

An app a day

There are many apps to help you keep in shape. Our favorite is a HIIT based bodyweight exercise app called Seven. The app focuses on 7 minutes intense workout routines - the perfect way to wake up and get ready for a day of remote work, new experiences, and living as a true digital nomad. There are also many apps that will help make the most of your outside run or cycling.

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Buddy up

An effective way to keep up the exercise is to add some pressure. Having a friend that you exercise with, whether in person or virtual, can give a very strong motivation to both pushes yourself just a bit harder during the workout, and get out of the bed to tick off today’s workout as done. Daily review and monthly challenges will keep you going. Remember that to keep yourself healthy, the most important method is consistency.

What about food?

Diet is essential if you want to lose weight, and it’s very important if you want to feel full of energy. Eat with moderation and variety. There’ll be so many amazing dishes to try out, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to a certain type of food. If you don’t eat too many carbohydrates, drink plenty of water, and keep up with the exercise, then you’ll feel healthier than ever!

The nomad lifestyle is a dream come true for foodies


It can be easy just to kick back and enjoy all the fantastic food, views and experiences in your new nomad lifestyle while forgetting to do the daily workout. But if you want to get the most out of your day, regular exercise is what will keep you going. Your mind will be clear, you’ll be less likely to get sick, and if you get sick recover faster, and you’ll feel like a surplus of energy so you can maximize your stay. Don’t forget yourself - go get the most out of your trip.

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