24/9 mbps
Avg. Wifi speed
$1,151 per month
Avg. rent cost

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Coffee Shops

The conept of work friendly coffee shops is a farily new phenom in Cebu, so you'll only find a handfull of big name chains such as Starbucks, however new boutique and mordern coffee shops have popped up on almost any corner the past couple of years and you'll be spoiled for choises.

Café Latte
Avg. $1.90-$2.50
Avg. $10-$12 /day
Getting around

Getting around in Cebu will be an interesting experience, you can either do as the locals do and jump on a jeepney, however you'll want to ask where it's heading before getting on. A more common way is by Taxi, however make sure you take a white taxi to prevent being overcharged and always insist the driver use the meter.

From $0.60-$2 /hour
From $1.40-$4
Tipping & Dining

The first thing you'll experience coming to Cebu will be all the amazing street-food you'll find on any corner, selling all sorts of Philippine delicacies and even some european food. When it comes to tipping, it's not expected however giving a small gratitude, if service have been provided throughout the meal will be appreciated.

Not expected
Budget Dining
Avg. $3-$4
Beer (bottle)
Avg. $0.73-$1.60
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