Chiang Mai

27/13 mbps
Avg. Wifi speed
$618.88 per month
Avg. rent cost

Why you'll love Chiang Mai

From a Digital Nomad's perspective

If someone had visited Chiang Mai just a couple of years ago, no one would have dreamt of what Chiang Mai is today, not only have it won multiple awards for being the best tourist city in the world

Article: Staying fit in unknown territory

When embarking on the nomad lifestyle, staying healthy is essential to get the most out of your travels. There will be so many new experiences that you might forget the most important rule: Pay your toll now, so you don't have to pay it later.

Coffee Shops

Chiang Mai is well know for its many coffee shops and a handfull is open 24/7 and offering free fast high-speed internet, however if you're planning on sitting for more than a couple of hours, you're expected to buy something once and hour or tip a similar amount.

Café Latte
Avg. $1.84-$2.46
Avg. $6.14 /day

Getting around

Getting around Chiang Mai is farily easy, most of the city is accessible through Songthaews (Red Busses), they generally charge between 20-40 baht pr. person. Tuk tuk's is also an option, however always make sure to get a fixed price before getting in.

From $0.61-$1.23
Tuk Tuk
Avg. $4.60

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