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Apartments in Lima for monthly rental

Live on the coast of the South Pacific Ocean. Lima has been highlighted among digital nomads and remote tech workers to be a place to calm down, releax and refocus, you won't necessarily find the same offers as other cities, but staying for an extended stay in Lima is a once in a lifetime opportunity with warm and welcoming locals and nomad communities.

Lima, Peru
Lowest monthly rate
No long lease
Fully furnished
8/5 mbps
Avg. Wifi speed
$2,970 per month
Avg. rent cost

What people are saying about Nomad Rental

I’m totally impressed and deeply touched by your level of service! I have to thank you for the booking service you provide — this is AWESOME!

I have to say that I’m very happy with the service and will use Nomad Rental again and again! This is a great resource for digital nomads who are looking to long-term stay and want to avoid paying extra booking fees.

Nomad Rental can hook you up to live like a local without you needing to be on the ground first. A time and money saver.

Traverse the dreamlike atmosphere of Lima

From apartments in Miraflores, studios in Barranco to budget-friendly monthly stays in San Borja, Lima offers a genuinely dreamlike atmosphere making it an ideal place for remote workers looking for an apartment for rent either for a short or long-term stay.

Stay creative and relaxed in Lima

Staying in an apartment for a monthly stay in Lima while exploring the areas around the trendy Miraflores or the beautiful Barranco will be a truly great experience, with smiling cyclists, quiet work-friendly cafes and co-working spaces right around the corner.

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