32/12 mbps
Avg. Wifi speed
$3,635 per month
Avg. rent cost

Why you'll love Prague

From a Digital Nomad's perspective

With its unparalleled architecture, easy going people, and engaging culture, it's no wonder that Prague is one of the most attractive destinations in the world - there is something for everyone

Article: Staying fit in unknown territory

When embarking on the nomad lifestyle, staying healthy is essential to get the most out of your travels. There will be so many new experiences that you might forget the most important rule: Pay your toll now, so you don't have to pay it later.

Getting around

Getting around in Prague is farily straightforward with an extensive network of public transportation as both metro, tram and bus is well conected to most areas of the city, a single ticket valid for 90 minutes will only cost around €1.2 to a 3 day pass (72 hours) for €12 euro. Another means of getting around is by walking as sidewalks is well planned into the city road network.

Metro, Tram and Bus
$1.18-$1.58 /km

Tipping & Dining

Prague is an amazing city when it comes to lunch, as lunch being the main meal, most resturants offer great discounts on weekdays. Expect anything from meals based around chicken to pork wihth starchy side dished such as potatoes, fries or dumplings. When it comes to tipping you're expected to pay at least 10%, in pubs it's customary to round up the bill or leave €1 to €2 euro.

Budget Dining
Avg. $7.06-$14.13
Beer (bottle)
Avg. $1.18-$2.59

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