Nomad Rental has been discontinued, but for the time being we'll keep this archived version up. You can no longer book through our platform, thanks for the support through the years!

Monthly stays around the world

Exclusive serviced apartments, welcoming workspaces, wholesome remote working, personalized experience + unique benefits.

Included benefits

Quality & comfort

Fully furnished quality apartments, with daily cleaning, breakfast, fast wifi & utilities included.

Welcome package

Creative co-working space, extensive gym membership, and fun goodies will await you.

  • Exclusive serviced apartment
  • Daily breakfast
  • House keeping
  • Gym membership
  • Co-working space
  • First class airport pickup
  • Local staff to smooth out any problems during stay

Everything you need for your one month stay

Airport pickup

First class airport pickup. Arrive at the door of your new home stress-free, and in style.

No deposit

You only have to pick up your keys in the lobby, the rest has been taken care of.

Remote worker

Comfortable serviced apartments and creative co-working space for professionals.

Remote living

Vibrant neighborhoods with all you need within walking distance.

Convenient, smooth, and hassle-free experience
One click away from a unique experience
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Remote Living Package

A unique, and exclusive, remote living experience through Nomad Rental.

One month - 1 person
You won't be charged until we've confirmed all details with you.
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