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35/16 mbps
Avg. Wifi speed
$1,711 per month
Avg. rent cost

Why you'll love Bangkok

From a Digital Nomad's perspective

Bangkok, the city that never really stays the same and always on the lookout on how to make itself more attractive to the growing population of Remote Workers and Digital Nomads.

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Get inspiration on how to live a healthy nomad lifestyle when traveling the world alone or with a buddy. From quick high-intensity exercise to the perfect companion app to keep you motivated, even in the toughest times, whether you're experiencing a severe case of jet lag or still trying to get accustomed with the unknown of being in a new city.

Coffee Shops

People say Bangkok has it all, and It's entirely accurate when it comes to finding a quiet area to get some work done, either at one of the countless coffee shops or co-working spaces, each trying to offer a unique experience by providing dedicated work areas or even a small private office with gigabit internet and most will even stay open 24/7.

Café Latte
Avg. $1.97-$4.61
Avg. $8.23 /day

Getting around

Getting around in Bangkok is relatively straightforward, if you, however, can decide between the many public transportation options, most of the inner city is easily accessible by BTS and MRT and is the preferred choice of transportation, however flagging down a Taxi is just as easy or taking a ride on the back of a motorbike for shorter trips.

From $0.49-$1.38
Tuk Tuk or Motorbike
From $0.66-$3.29

Top venues in Bangkok

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Tipping & Dining

You're spoiled for choices when it comes to restaurants in Bangkok you'll find anything from fantastic street food to Michelin restaurants; however most places carter to a more budget-friendly dining experience and tipping is generally not expected, but a small gratuity is relatively common especially if service has been provided throughout the course.

Budget Dining
Avg. $2.63-$7.90
Beer (pint)
Avg. $1.97-$3.95
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